Boko Haram militants flee as Nigerian troops close-in

Boko Haram militants flee as Nigerian troops close-in

Sunday, October 11, 2015 11:30 pm

Composite photo shows Nigerian soldier mopping up abandoned camps by Boko Haram

Composite photo shows Nigerian soldiers mopping up abandoned camps by Boko Haram

Boko Haram militants abandoned two camps near the Sambisa Forest, Borno State, weekend as Nigerian troops advanced.

Army spokesman Colonel S.K Usman said from reports from the frontline, the militants abandoned their camps in Nafari and Gonin Kurmi on getting hints  of the approaching Nigerian forces.

“In a haste, they left various food items and personal effects as they fled to Sambisa forest”, Usman reported in a statement today.

Usman had in another statement that he styled, a second warning, urged the militants to lay down their arms, as troops close-in on them.

“This is to once again warn all Boko Haram terrorists wherever they are, to desist from all acts of terrorism, surrender themselves and face the law now.

“We wish to inform them that we are aware of all their hideouts, camps and enclaves,” Colonel Usman said.

“They should follow their colleagues who have so far surrendered. Failure to surrender will result in serious consequences as our troops are fast closing (in on) them.”

The Nigerian Army also appealed “to all Nigerians to kindly persuade them to desist and renounce their membership of the terrorist organization forthwith.”

Usman urged Nigerians  to continue co-operate with security agencies through provision of timely and credible information about any known terrorists, their hideouts and collaborators.

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