Metuh blames APC for Patience Jonathan's lockout in Port Harcourt

Patience Jonathan: Metuh wants APC explain lockout from VIP lounge at PH airport

Mr Olisa Metuh, the national publicity secretary of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party has laid the blame for the shut out of wife of the former President Goodluck Jonathan from the use of the VIP lounge at Port Harcourt Airport on the ruling All Progressives Congress.

Dame Patience Jonathan, on the way to attend the funeral of a former aide, Tamuno Jacob Igbomie on 24 July made for the lounge, as if she was still ‘in office’, but she was denied access. She was doubly denied access even on her return journey.

“The APC has failed to address the issue of the recent organised public harassment and humiliation against the immediate-past First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan at Port Harcourt airport”, Metuh stated on Monday.

“The incident was organised and orchestrated by a Director of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who cited ‘order from above’ in his threats and insults to the former First Lady on phone”, he added.

Metuh also called on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), to provide solutions to burning national issues.

“The burning national issues border on the government’s lack of transparency, abuse of power, dwindling economy and escalating insecurity,’’ he said.

He alleged that the resort to insults by Alhaji Lai Mohammed APC spokesman, ostensibly to divert attention from issues, further confirmed the insincerity of the APC-led government.

Metuh said: “There is need for Mohammed and the APC to understand that being in government comes with demands of accountability, civility and decency.

Metuh urged the APC and especially its spokesman, Mohammed to settle down and strive to partner with the PDP in elevating national political discourse from the domain of insults to that of issues.

He said that the call was important to enable the public, especially the younger generation adequately informed on national issues.