Jonathan begs Nigerians for forgiveness

Patience Jonathan and her husband, Goodluck Jonathan at the valedictory service

The Jonathans with Aso Villa Chaplain, Ven. Obioma Onwuruzumba

Jonathan gets a gift from the congregation

The Jonathans paly with a child at the service

To Err is human, to forgive divine…

President Goodluck Jonathan has appealed to his fellow Nigerian compatriots to forgive him for all his transgressions. He also pleaded for their understanding.

Jonathan spoke today at the Aso Villa Chapel, where a valedictory service was held for him, to mark the end of his five year reign in Nigeria.

“ For the period of eight years that we have been here, we have certainly done things that probably we wouldn’t have done that way, but we didn’t do things deliberately.

“So for those who we have offended it was not deliberate, it was circumstances of the office. So we also plead that those people should forgive, we think we have done our best.

“You can do your best and your friends may misunderstand you. Today we are talking about leaving. It is only God that knows why things go the way they do. Ordinarily, May 24 would have been the last service here. But on that date we will all go to the National Christian Centre for the inauguration service.

“So for me and my wife, this is our last day of worship here. Though we are leaving as President and First Lady, but we have not left you, because we are still in this country, we will continue to interact, one way or the other.’’

He assured that he would continue to do more meaningful things for the general progress of the country even after leaving office.

While acknowledging that the office of the President was quite challenging, Jonathan expressed optimism that things would continue to get better as the nation moves forward.

“The office is quite challenging, some of you may desire to see us, I believe as we move forward, things will get better. I don’t really believe that it is only in government that you can do a thing, even outside government you do a lot of things.

“The richest people in the world don’t even serve in government. Dangote has never been in government, so you don’t need to be in government to be rich.

“Bill Gates has not been in government. So outside government a lot of things happen, it is for us to be committed and continue to be focus. I and my wife really love all of you.’’

In her remarks, Dame Patience, thanked God for keeping her alive.

“I really thank God for keeping me alive. He is a miraculous God. God is so wonderful in my life because some people prophesied that one of us will not go back. But God has made it possible and we are leaving with good health.”