OPC council disowns Gani Adams, for betraying Yoruba nation

OPC council disowns Gani Adams, for betraying Yoruba nation

Monday, March 16, 2015 9:58 pm

Gani Adams : disowned by OPC council

Gani Adams : disowned by OPC council

The Oodua Peoples Congress may have split down the middle after the show of shame and violent protests carried out today in Lagos by a group under the control of Gani Adams.

Members of the group’s National Co-Ordinating Council today berated Adams for organising the protest and calling for the removal of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega.

The council said Adams has not only betrayed OPC, but also the Yoruba nation.

The statement was issued by Comrade Shina Akinpelu, on behalf of other members of the council, who also were pioneer members of the OPC. They are: Monsuru Akande, Sunday Adebayo, Kilanko Oladipupo, Kehinde Ogunyale, and Gbenga Eegunlusi.

Here is the press statement:

“We, the members of the National Coordinating Council of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, the highest ruling body of the organization, wish to disassociate ourselves from the shameful, destructive, violent and reactionary activities of the Gani Adam-led team which occurred in Lagos today. What was witnessed today in Lagos was the highest level of political violence sponsored and funded by certain elements in the Jonathan government.

“Gani Adams is on his own and does not enjoy the support of a large size of our membership spread across the country. He is working for the sponsors of violence against our people who want the March 28 elections not to hold. Unleashing terror on innocent citizens and killing them is not the way of democracy. It is not our idea of a people-oriented advocacy.

“Gani Adams is on dubious project. He is using the Pipleline contract from the Jonathan government as a ploy or excuse to recruit people to work for Jonathan and PDP in the South West. Gani Adams is acting against Yoruba interest. The compromises he has made amounts to selling the Yoruba to the present government for a piece of Pipeline contract to line his pockets. OPC is not about Pipleline contracts or any other contracts for that matter. The Yoruba interest is beyond contracts. We seek justice and fairness from the current government.

“We, members of the National Coordinating Council of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, call all true Yoruba leaders, sons and daughters to stand with us in totally condemning Gani and his anti-democratic tendencies. We must renounce him and remind him he cannot sell the Yoruba race to Jonathan and PDP on the cheap. He also has no authority to speak on behalf of the Yoruba people. We pity those who rely on him to win votes. They will be sorely disappointed. Their investment is a bad one already. We reject today and always any attempt to use our organization and its members for narrow and selfish partisan purposes.

“We must remind them that the Yoruba people cannot be hoodwinked by sweeteners. No one should expect them to kow tow to an individual who is a Lilliputian in the political development and history of the Yoruba nation. The Yorubas are a politically sophisticated persons and will simply ignore political opportunists like Gani Adams. We renounce him and his activities which are against the larger Yoruba interest. We renounce all other Yoruba sons and daughters who are playing roles inimical to the welfare and interest the larger Yoruba nation.

We call on our people to be vigilant politically at this time. Nigeria needs a new leadership, a new direction and a country that works.

Comrade Shina Akinpelu
March 16th, 2015

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  • dave says:

    what development on earth, So Gani Adams is so useless like this, the will of the people shall come to pass whether you and your cohort like it or not.

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