You will meet your political waterloo in 2015, PDP tells Amaechi

You will meet your political waterloo in 2015, PDP tells Amaechi

Friday, November 7, 2014 8:43 pm

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Amaechi, addressing his party supporters recently

Amaechi, addressing his party supporters recently

The Peoples Democratic Party in the southern Nigerian state of Rivers has said it will frustrate incumbent Governor Rotimi Amaechi in the February 2015 election.

It was PDP’s reaction to the allegation by Amaechi that the PDP thrives only on election rigging. Until December last year, Amaechi was a member of the party until he switched to the opposition All Progressives Congress. He won the election of 2011 on the platform of his old party.

The PDP now ridiculed Amaechi’s victory as a product of the rigging he was accusing the party of!.

In a statement signed by Jerry Needam, Special Adviser on Media to the State chairman of the Party, Felix Obuah, the PDP said if he (Amaechi) was not given to rigging, he should not have accepted the result of the election which he suspected was manipulated, stressing that no amount of self righteousness will change him from his real person in the estimation of the right thinking Rivers people.

PDP said Amaechi is only worried because he has never naturally won any election on personal merit.

He is either riding on the back of a political master or through intense lobbying which he has discovered is no longer tenable, the PDP remarked.

“The PDP dares Gov Amaechi to keep for once his promise of one man one vote in the upcoming elections and see whether he will not be amazed by the voice of Rivers people who are eager to be redeemed from the state of hopelessness he has plunged them into,” said Needam.

Reassuring Amaechi and his All Progressives Congress, APC, of meeting their political waterloo in 2015, the PDP said it’s leaving nothing to chance to ensure that the stolen mandate of the party is recovered legitimately as has always been the case.

“If Amaechi is ever dreaming of a repeat performance in the fraudulent act of cutting corners during elections as he had confessed, he should as well throw in the towel before the contest proper because rigging is an impossibility this time around. Stopping him in 2015 is a task that must be accomplished legitimately,” the PDP declared.

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