"Ramadan Kareem," President Obama says to Muslim faithful

"Ramadan Kareem," President Obama says to Muslim faithful

Sunday, June 29, 2014 2:33 am

United States President Barack Obama has extended his best wishes to the Muslim faithful as Ramadan begins all over the world, saying “Ramadan Kareem.”

President Barack Obama. Source: Wikipedia

President Barack Obama. Source: Wikipedia

“On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan,”Obama said in a statement released by the White House on Sunday.”

At 01:55 GMT  a White House  tweet read: “Ramadan Kareem.” —President Obama extends his best wishes to the Muslim community on the beginning of Ramadan.

In the statement posted on the White House website, the United States President noted that the Muslim Ramadan is “A time for self-reflection and devotion through prayer and fasting, Ramadan is also an occasion when Muslims around the world reaffirm their commitment to helping the less fortunate, including those struggling because of economic hardship and inequality.

“Here in the United States, we are grateful to the many Muslim American organizations, individuals, and businesses that are devoted to creating opportunity for all by working to reduce income inequality and poverty, not only through their charitable efforts, but also through their initiatives to empower students, workers and families with the education, skills and health care they deserve.

“Ramadan also reminds us of our shared responsibility to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves and the basic principles that bind people of different faiths together:  a yearning for peace, justice, and equality.

“At a moment when too many people around the world continue to suffer from senseless conflict and violence, this sacred time reminds us of our common obligations to pursue justice and peace and to uphold the dignity of every human being.”

He explained that he would be again delighted to receive members of the Muslim community at the White for iftar- an evening meal taken by Muslims to break their fast at the time of sunset.

“As I’ve done every year as President, I look forward to welcoming Muslim Americans from across the United States to the White House for an iftar dinner.sultan sokoto

“It will be another opportunity for me to convey America’s appreciation for the contributions of Muslim Americans to our country and to wish Muslims around the world a month blessed with the joys of family, community, peace and understanding.

“Ramadan Kareem,” said President Obama.

The Muslim fast commenced in Nigeria, on Saturday June 25, following the the sighting of the moon in major parts of the country as announced by the Sultan of Sokoto and President General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar.

In Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world, the fast begins today Sunday.

Nigeria’s Muslim community in the northern region however,  observe the Ramadan a day ahead of other Muslims in the south-west region due to a time difference in sighting of the moon, which signals the commencement of the fast.

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  • Circa53 says:

    Go To Hell.

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma says:

    Dearest President Obama,
    If somebody or anything in life has made you upset, unhappy, or given signals of hate. Stop.. I suggest that they go away to different room. If in the day go for a Nap for a few hours and have decaffeinated Coffee or Tea. If it is past 10pm go to sleep 6 to 7 Hours and refresh to new day. There is no use in the World for Anger and Hate. It encumbers Unhappiness. Remember All that God is All Forgiving, Merciful, and Compassionate. My Deep Love of all Religions that they to be blessed by Muslim Prayers of Peace, Happiness, Love, Unity, Prosperity and understanding we all are different humans of different Faiths, Personalities, different Countries and just cannot be perfect. Love Karim Sadrudin Juma , June 29, 2014.

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