Fayose rejects state police, criticises excesses of state attorneys-general

Fayose rejects state police, criticises excesses of state attorneys-general

Thursday, June 26, 2014 6:44 pm

Abuja – The Ekiti State Governor-elect, Mr Ayo Fayose, said on Thursday in Abuja that the establishment of state police could only lead to anarchy in the country.

Fayose, who disclosed this at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum, said that the establishment of state police would only make state governors to abuse their powers.

“If you allow state police in this country then you will cause anarchy, there is nothing called state police.

“As long as we want Nigeria to survive, we cannot leave the lives of Nigerians in the hands of mediocre (persons) in the name of power.”

Fayose also criticised the excesses of attorneys-general in the states whom, he said, had become “too powerful a tool in the hands of the governors to witch-hunt their opposition”.

“The powers given to the attorney-general by the law in a state today is being abused by most attorneys-general to cover government misdeeds.

“This is because an attorney-general can stop a case, can initiate cases, and can cover this can cover that, can go to Nolle prosequi. Most of them have now abused those things.

“Somebody is a criminal, he is your party chairman and he commits murder; because you want to cover it up, you leave a criminal enjoying a term for three years and somebody who stole N7,000 you give him seven years imprisonment.

“The powers of the attorneys-general must be controlled by the law itself and they must have ethics to check the excesses of attorneys-general.

“They must not make the powers of these attorneys-general larger than life enough to begin to play politics with the lives of a lot of Nigerians.”

Speaking on indigeneship, Fayose said that anyone that had spent two years to three years at a particular place in the country should be considered an indigene of that place.

“Anywhere you live in Nigeria, you are a Nigerian and if you want to contest elections, there must be a law that enables you to contest.

“Anywhere you spend three years, four years is your home because you have left your domain forever.

“So, anybody that spends three, four, five years is an indigene of that place.”

He said that most of the people that argue in favour of indigeneship are not popular in their places of origin.


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