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    I will like to make an inquiry about your newspaper. Who should I direct my email to pls

  • Adeola Samuel Opeyemi

    Snippets on what you don’t knows about the transfer of PHCN to those oppressors that are still hell vent on milking us dry.

    Have you heard?( Nje eti gbo?) That what? ( Pe kini?) That the the federal government as represented by the agency led by Dr. Sam. Amadi NERC has agreed to further make life difficult for the masses by increasing the tariff of electricity without any correspondent increase in service delivery and power supply? That, there was an injunction on the said proposed increase in tariff and instead of the regulatory body led by Dr. Sam. Amadi to obey the court order of status quo ante bellum to be maintained, he Sam Amadi decided to write petition on behalf of the Discos berated the judge that gave the injunction ,in his petition, he said that ,the judge was being frivolous and that the judge is constituting a clog in the wheel of progress in power sector reform. This is a man that ought to be an unbias umpire. It will interest you that Discos are represented in court by Mr. Idigbe SAN.and he did not petition over the injunction o.

    Do you know that, unlike the license of telephone operators that fetched Nigerian government millions of dollars upon purchased, the operators of pur power supply,did not pay a dime to purchase the company? Do you also know that despite not paying a dime, they were given #345bn intervention funds to kick start their business? Am sure you don’t also know that since 3rd, November,2013 that they took over the company, they have not invested nothing substantial in the business because all the existing equipments are what they have been using that’s why no significant improvement witnessed so far unlike the one witness in the communication industry,yet all they could think is increment in tariff and the regulatory body that suppose to checkmate them has become their ally. Stay tuned here,as I will daily updates you with the fraud called PHCN privatisation.

    If you think you are a Nigerian and you don’t want this increase in the tariff of electricity text #weaready to 08026332917. Let us resist this oppressive move or for ever keep quiet.