MMM reassures on 14 Jan. date for unfreezing of accounts

Jan 2 2017 - 9:56pm

The New Year begins with good news for over three million participants in MMM Nigeria scheme as operators of the platform announced on Monday that it will keep to its promise of unfreezing all accounts on 14 January.

Operators of the platform, described by many as a “ponzi scheme”  had frozen all accounts of participants last December over fears that the scheme may crash from simultaneous  withdrawal of funds  by participants.

However, there were speculations that the scheme which promised investors 30 per cent return after a month may had crashed.

Screen-grab of MMM twitter promise to unfreeze accounts

Screen-grab of MMM twitter promise to unfreeze accounts

The operators of the scheme however denied the insinuations as they insisted that the scheme will be unfrozen to enable participants withdraw their funds on 14 January.

The Scheme reiterated this promise on its official Twitter account on Monday.

“We promised that our participants’ confirmed Mavros will be unfrozen (ability to make withdrawal) from January 14th, 2017. #12DaysToGo”

“Happy New Year to all Mavrodians. And the countdown starts now. 13 days to January 14th”.

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